Friday, November 27, 2015

The Day After

Most of us gear ourselves up for the 'big' day.  Like with Thanksgiving yesterday, it takes a whole lotta pre thought.  You don't just wing it!  (Excuse the turkey pun ;) It takes a lot of planning and lists and shopping (or texts to hubby to have him shop if he's cool like that.)  Everything scheduled from minute to minute so the food comes out of the oven at the same time.  And then to be able to feed your tribe before they head to their girlfriend/fiances house to spread the love over there too.

And now it's over.

The good news is, there are leftovers.

So many of the big life events like the Holidays, or the Weddings, or the Birthdays are a blast and memorable.  But most of life is not lived there.  It's the day after.  But remember to enjoy the leftovers.  The memories.  Let those carry you when you're back to doing laundry and the everyday routine.

As much as I love to Celebrate the BIG stuff, I'm quite content enjoying the small.  It ends up the small really is big.

My son just got back from an amazing trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with many adventures.  And the small thing I missed was our morning talks over coffee.

The morning routine of getting up at 5am and hitting the gym with my boys is small, but really big to me.  (and not just the fact that I'm getting my butt up that early, but trust me that too is BIG!)

(oh and P.S.  I was home cooking during this photo shoot, didn't want to mislead you ;)

Cracking up at my girls when they banter back and forth in sheer craziness as their father and I just look at each other and sometimes need a translator.  BIG!

Be careful of not getting so caught up in all the trips and the events and the activities and the calendar, that you bypass BIG things that can be disguised as small.

Steven Furtick says that we can get so caught up on Facebook and checking what that guy we went to high school was having for dinner (who we didn't even like)...and yet we don't even know who our teen is hanging out with.

Wishing you all some memorable 'day afters' filled with messy bed head, jammies and sips of coffee with your loves.  That's the BIG stuff!

And don't forget to laugh.
Happy Day After.