Friday, May 8, 2015

Bunny wisdom from Charles

My bunny thinks he's a Yorkie.

He follows them around like he's one of them.  He goes toward their bowl while they eat.  He jumps up onto the couch.  He has even been caught going to the back door just like them.  He just assumes he can do everything they can do.  I mean hey, he's never seen a mirror!  What else is he to think?!


We humans also tend to mimic the behavior of those around us.  (good or bad) We can be stretched to raise up to new heights when being in the presence of those who have attained great success.  Figuring (like my bunny)...if they can do it, I can do it!  It's as if we ignored that mirror that would tell us otherwise.  That reflection that often tells you that "you're not able".  ( have bunny ears for heaven's sake! ;)

On the other hand, you can also be persuaded by those around you to follow the herd mentality.  Regardless if they are on the right path or not.  Be wary.  The crowd isn't always on the right track.  Mere numbers can be deceiving!

The bible calls us to be like the Berean's.  They are an example of how we should listen to a teaching, investigate into God's Word (no matter who the teacher is), and make sure it aligns with scripture.  Ultimately we will be held accountable in how we applied scripture to our everyday decisions. We shouldn't just take someone's teaching at face value.  Aren't you grateful we have a standard to measure everything up against?  Otherwise we would flounder around, buying into everything that sounded good.

Are you brave enough to follow God's advice rather than man's?  Or are you more concerned with how people will view you?  Are you prematurely wanting your "Well done" heard here on earth from man...rather than waiting for the ultimate "Well done" from God's lips Himself?  We often forfeit the best so that we can have the "immediate".  We crave people's approval (which is popular)...instead of God's approval.  (which isn't always.)

God's ways are always higher. 

Now chillax here like Charles, and be who you were called to be :o)