Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weep with those who weep

I pretty much always have background music on as I study or work on my writing.  Typically it's Classical, but yesterday I had the "Spa" music on (minus the massage :-( 

Suddenly I heard all these birds chirping...thought I was in some kind of bird sanctuary.  At the same exact time, there were birds directly in my backyard tweeting.  (No, not the Twitter kind of tweet -- and for sure no hashtags ;)

I literally muted the music to be sure it wasn't just the music coming from different speakers.  It was as if the outside birds were joining the inside choir.  Echoing what was going on inside.

In life, the outside world doesn't always echo what is going on with us internally.  We could be going through an incredibly dark season, and yet the world around us is laughing and celebrating and the sun is even shining.  (The nerve!!)  There should be dark, heavy clouds to match the scenery of my heart.  It's like the Set Designer of your movie was given the wrong script, and the scenery and music does not match the scene.  All you hear is upbeat Chick Flick music playing during your tragedy scene in your Dark Drama. 

Just wrong.

This can compound the feelings of abandonment and isolation that certain 'seasons' of our life can bring.

These are the moments when I am again reminded that the world is not our home.  We are aliens.  Our citizenship is in heaven.  And I sit back and reflect on the idea of being known by a God who hears the cries of our hearts.  He is not apathetically going on with His business of running the Universe, and totally out of sync with what I am dealing with.

John 10:14 says, "I am the good shepherd and I KNOW MY SHEEP and am known by my own."

Exodus 33:17 "...and I KNOW you by name."

We should also be in tune to what those around us are struggling with.  It just might be you next time.

Romans 12:15 says, "Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep."

I have had my own share of difficult 'seasons'...some of my own doing.  Rebellion.  And I have also endured trials that I did not bring upon myself, and yet God still used these to grow me in my walk with him.  Either way, I've learned much and have appreciated those who walked through my Valleys with me, and didn't stand on the sideline and judge.  Foxhole buddies who were on the front lines fighting a battle with me, rather than running for cover.  But for the grace of God, there go I. 

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