Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We're in Enemy territory, make sure you have back-up!

Does your back-up need back-up?

I'm not so good at remembering to back up my phone.  Well actually, I'm pretty AWFUL at it!  It just never crosses my mind.  So today, after being sick for 5 days, I decided to get a fresh start -- a clean slate.  So I tried to back-up all of my photo's, etc. onto my computer.  And guess what?!? 

It's like my storage units need storage units.
My back-up needs back-up.
My life simply needs U-Haul trucks traveling safe behind me at every turn.
We all eventually need back up.  My son does Patrol Duty, and I always want to know that he has a reliable back-up.

Spiritually, we all should have a reliable back-up too.  Who do you go to when you need to unload a bunch of 'stuff'?  Vent.  Download your clutter onto a trusted advisor, so you can sort it all out.  And that dear friend should have a place they can also get their back-up.  The ultimate back-up needs to be our Maker Himself.  If we rely on mere humans who don't have the Lord as the keeper of their soul, how do we expect to get wisdom from them?  Their counsel will be guided by their flesh -- their fickle feelings that are fleeting.  They shift and change direction as often as the wind on any given day.  They are unstable in all their ways.

If we are entering enemy territory, we want to know that our back-up is not only prepared and alert, but knows the schemes of the opposition. 

God's Word is filled with clues.
He left us the perfect blueprint -- a strategy when entering the front lines.

Who in your life would you consider your back-up? 
If you had a major life altering decision, who would you consult? 
Are you surrounding yourself with God-honoring people who place His Word above their own?
Or are you in close company with people who are self-absorbed, not placing a premium on a moral code.
Are they people who are more concerned with your feelings than your God?  (Life is filled with people like that if you're just looking for people to agree with you.)
Are they brave enough to step on your toe to save your soul?
Or are they persuading you to follow your heart and trust your gut?
(Regardless of what His Word says.)
Our hearts and our guts are not the most reliable sources, because they don't stay the same like God's Word.  They are easily influenced, extremely fickle, ever changing...and in most cases shouldn't be trusted.

Take an inventory of your current back-up.  You may need to fire some and employ some others.  Be wise, your life could depend on it.

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