Monday, June 2, 2014

Mama knows best...and so does your Father

Recently, I was sitting outside in my back yard when I heard some 'movement' in my shed.
Ut ohhhhh!!!!

Because it had a lock on the door, I felt 'somewhat' comfortable that it wasn't a homeless man with a machete.  But then I noticed this tiny little window opening...

Exhibit A

Now WHAT could possibly enter this tiny little square?

Then I proceeded to hear not only movement, but a little purring and some chattering sounds.  It started to sound more like a family living in my shed...(family of what is the question???)  Of course I got on Google to look up raccoons (not believing it could be possible), but to my surprise learned that they could squeeze into a 4 inch square!  WHAT THE...???

So of course I needed proof and a brave sucker (I mean soul) who would put their hand in the square and get pictures as evidence.  So I called in the big guns...the hubby.

Exhibit B

Mama was resting nicely, nursing her babies...until he turned on his flash!

I think she knew her days were numbered, assuming that THAT was her Eviction Notice...and within 2 days she closed up shop! 

We came home to this activity in the middle of broad daylight on Memorial Day...

Exhibit C


We weren't sure if she was just heading back to the shed after hunting for food.  Mama raccoon had spotted Sierrah out back with our dogs when she left...and returned pretty quickly.  Sierrah had a feeling she'd be back soon, so she propped herself up by our back window.  Minutes later Mama coon climbed back into the shed, then came back out with this:

Exhibit D


Then one by one she transported each of her babies (until she saw Kevin outside and got spooked).  As a result, this overprotective mama took a lonnnnnng time to come back for her last crying baby.  (Looking much more cautious and aware of her surroundings.)

A mama's job is never done!

So precious to see her cautiously looking around and sensing danger that could put her babies in harms way.  And then how she tirelessly scoops them up to find a safer place to protect them. 

As I watched the last video of Mama shimmying down the rod iron fence with baby coon dangling(and being totally impressed with her flexibility and mad skills), I could only think of how our Mama's try and keep us safe.  But more so how our 'Ultimate' Father in heaven is watching over us.  He sometimes has to transport us to different surroundings to keep us protected, but we may feel uncomfortable and scared like that baby raccoon dangling...wondering, "What the heck is goin' on here ?" 

Those are the times we have to trust that He knows best...even if it's very painful during the transition.  Change is never easy.  But necessary.

Are you grumbling about your current situation, possibly in the process of a transition that is in uncharted territory?  Trust that where He is taking you is for your own good, and that He has already scouted out the territory before taking you there.  Hang on, even though your feet are dangling off the ground, it won't kill ya!

2 Thessalonians 3:3
"But the Lord is faithful, He will establish you and guard you against the evil one."