Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Is your hope restless?

Matthew 8:24
"Suddenly, a violent storm came up on the sea, so that the boat began to be swamped by the waves.  Yet Jesus kept sleeping."
My dog Hope is a restless soul. She takes forever to get comfortable. Literally. The conditions have to be perfect for her to rest. There can’t be any bumps, or she has to get up and keep moving around until every little uncomfortable spot is smoothed out.

Exhibit A

Does this remind you of yourself? Do conditions need to be perfect in order for you to rest? Really rest? Do you need no bumps in the road in order for you to be okay? Does life need to be smooth sailing so that you can be civil towards others?

Jesus was able to sleep soundly on a boat ‘in the midst of’ the storm, while the waves crashed around Him. (I’m sure there were plenty of bumps too, Hope! ;) We don’t read about Him tossing and turning, or pacing, or spinning around in circles like you…uh, errr…I mean Hope.

We too can be in the eye of the storm and rest…as long as our eye is on Him. Just as Peter kept his eye on Jesus, he was able to walk on water despite the waves around him. But when he chose to look around at the storm, he started to sink. His fear of the storm was greater than His faith in the Lord, which caused him to sink.

Is the fear of your current situation greater than your faith in the Lord? Is that causing you to ‘sink’ in despair? It’s not too late to shift your focus on the One who has the ability to either calm the storm around you or the one within you. He has the ability to stop the craziness around you, but all too often His goal is to calm you on the inside regardless of what is happening around you. His aim is to grow us up in Him. To not be like Hope who needs perfect sleeping arrangements. To not be like the newborn who cries incessantly til it gets their way. We grown adults shouldn’t need pacifiers and blankies to keep us content.

Let Hope serve as a reminder to how silly we must look when we are pacing and spinning when we are uncomfortable. What we must look like to an unsaved world when we are unable to be at rest because arrangements aren’t like a 5 Star Resort. God allows us to be uncomfortable in order to show a dying world what real rest looks like, despite bad conditions. This is the time we should shine.

What can you choose to do differently during your next uncomfortable situation?
It really is a choice.

(Poor Hope, she’s gettin’ some bad press on my Blog lately…she does have many redeemable qualities too, stay tuned! ;)



  1. Hope is neurotic... but pretty darn cute.

    1. That's an understatement Matt, she's off the charts! She's been known to hallucinate lately, barking at possibly an invisible playmate. 🐶 Hey, as long as she's having fun doing it!