Monday, November 10, 2014

Is your head hanging low too?

1 Peter 2:2
“Desire the pure milk of the Word, that you may grow thereby.”

My friend brought me flowers yesterday…just because. (Aren’t those the best?!) There’s nothing obligatory about it when it doesn’t fall on a Holiday.


I was noticing that some of them were starting to droop, yet others were standing up straight all perky-like. (Wow, that actually IS a word…my spell check confirmed it!) It’s interesting that each of the flowers are in the same environment, with the same food. Yet some thrive, and others droop.

It reminded me of the Church. You could be receiving the same spiritual nutrition on a Sunday morning, yet some of you will grow and others will hang your head low like my sunflowers. 

I’ve heard it said that if you cut the bottom of the stem at an angle, it allows for more water to travel up to the flower to help it blossom. And cutting it every day allows it to flourish.

Maybe we need to dig down to our roots and cut back some of the things that are hindering our growth. Anything to allow God’s Word (nutrition) to help us blossom as God’s flower. We should be a display of His Beauty, not of a wilting flower that appears to be dying. And maybe cutting into those roots regularly… of where we came from (our Heritage), or how we’ve always done things. Trimming back can bring new life that allows progress. Beauty.

I was thinking my vase may be a bit too small for all the flowers she brought me, possibly being crammed into a small space can prevent further growth. Maybe you have felt squished in so tightly too, where it feels like it’s draining the life right out of you. You don’t have the space to allow room for your personal growth. You feel like you’re constricted and maybe there’s a kink in your hose preventing life giving water from reaching you. Get a bigger vase…allow for more room in your living environment.  (And no...that doesn't require a bigger house, peeps.)  A small animal left in a tiny cage or aquarium can only grow so much, yet when transferred to a larger cage will have a significant growth spurt. Maybe we all need to think outside of the box so we are not restricted in the growth that God would have for us. Sometimes ‘we’ are the biggest hindrance of all to our personal growth as people.

Think of some tangible ways that you can allow for more growth in your life. Don’t be a big fish in a small pond, step out into uncharted waters to risk and then experience a spiritual growth spurt. What can be trimmed back from the roots of your past to allow God’s Word to help you flourish and blossom in this very short life we have on this earth?

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