Friday, August 15, 2014

What is mysteriously filling up your storage & draining your batteries?

So my cell phone has been quite sluggish lately.  It moves at a snails pace, and I almost have no storage left (to the point where I can’t even take anymore pictures unless I start deleting some to make more room.)  I assumed it was the pictures and videos taking up most of the space.  Then I went into my settings to get to the bottom of this dilemma.  And there it was…staring me right in the face!  The truth!!


You go into General Settings, then click on Usage and it breaks it down for you in bold print.  It lets you know what is draining your battery and filling up your phone.  It was actually my old text messages that I have held onto for several years…I just neglected to hit the delete button for some unknown reason. (Laziness? Perhaps. You caught me!  I already confessed I'm a hoarder of texts, whaddya want from me? ;)

Don’t you wish you had a pie chart for your life that broke it down for you blow by blow?  To discover what exactly was draining your life away and filling up every space of storage to the point where you can’t allow new things (like the new pictures)…because you’re still holding on to the ‘old’. 

Ask God where you can free up some space in your life.  What things are draining your emotional and spiritual battery to the point where you can’t even allow newer and possibly 'better' things, because you are clinging to old habits and old things that are not even serving you any longer.   

What about our ‘mental’ files that we just leave open?  We seem to have so many of our old files laying open in our head so we can keep ‘going back’ and reviewing our past.  Meanwhile, it’s slowing us down.  Just like on my iphone, when I have a ton of files that just remain open (which is most of the time, I’m guilty!)…it actually slows down my phones performance.  

Maybe the same is true of you.  Could it be that if you are constantly opening up your past and reviewing it as if studying for an exam…maybe that is what could be slowing down your performance?     

Could it be making you feel sluggish? 

Taking up storage in your head?

There’s an actual  app called CCleaner that allows you, at the click of a button, to clean up your memory.  It clears out inactive files so that you can allow for more free space. 
Oh if we could only download these apps into our crazy little brains!

Today, make your own personal pie chart of things that could be taking up a lot of space in your life, filling up your storage, draining your battery, slowing down your performance and preventing you from making new memories (taking pictures).  Then mentally click that ‘Clean-up Memory’ button so you can get more free space and freedom in your life.  Then just as I had to delete old texts, try deleting old ‘conversations’ you have been storing in your head for far too long!

P.S.  They don’t even have to be negative things that you are deleting…I just deleted texts from up to 3 years ago from my sweet mommy (and transferred all her photos and videos she sent me onto my computer)…and guess what?!  I freed up 2 gigabytes (that’s 2000 megabytes) of more available space!! (my hubby loves it when I talk techy ;)  Sorry mom, it had to be done.

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