Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Birthday girl!

So my youngest, Sierrah, turned 14 today.

What you may not know is that when I was pregnant with her, her Grandpa Harry died 3 times and was revived during that pregnancy.  I just HAD to name her after him.  (but she definitely didn't look like a 'Harry' ;)

So we wrote it backwards. 
Then added a Hebrew middle name, Kaelyn, which means 'Beautiful Sweetheart'... and she became:

Sierrah Kaelyn :  Grandpa Harry's Beautiful Sweetheart...and THAT she was!

It seemed fitting.

She does have a 'sweet heart' that girl.
She is fiercely loyal when it comes to her friends. 
She sees the best in them, and has extreme empathy when they struggle.

During our last earthquake, she was more scared for her bunnies than she was for herself.

She is the biggest hugger I know, and always ready to give one. (Ask any member of our family ;)

She's had over 10 animals...I've lost count!  But she has loved them all well.

She has quite the social calendar because I think she is fun and loveable and quite amusing to be around.   I actually used to write down the funny things she would say because they cracked me up!

Although it's hard to see her growing up and becoming less dependent on me as a mom, it's every mom's wish for their child to spread their wings and fly.  Right?  (sorry, still trying to convince myself!)

To become independent. 
But more become God dependent!

I'm grateful that she has a personal relationship with the God who made her. 
That she makes it a priority to spend time with Him.
And that we don't have to drag her to Youth Group...she's more upset at the thought she might NOT be able to go.

Here's a little ditty I just read that sums it all up:

I love all the unique ways God has made my Sierrah Kaelyn ... celebrate the unique ways he has made you AND your little ones!

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