Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Don't curse the speed bumps in your life!

Psalm 46:10
Cease striving [let go, relax] and know that I am God.”

Hurry up and wait. 

The stuff of life. 

Rush to get to the appointment only to wait in the ‘waiting room’.
Rushing down the freeway just to ‘wait’ in traffic.
Our foot alternating between the accelerator and the brake, back and forth.

And so it is with our life --
accelerating through one thing after another, and then a whole lotta waiting in between.

Waiting for that deal to go through.
For the check to show up.
For the graduation.
The career break.
The Book Deal.

The 'speed bumps' of life are helpful along our journey, they help us slow down long enough to take a glance notice…to  actually ‘see’ our surroundings.

As opposed to flying past them, wind in our hair...only to catch a glimpse of them through our rear view mirror.

Name a speed bump you’ve recently gone over that helped you slow down long enough to appreciate some things (or people) you’ve been flying by on a regular basis. Thank Him for that blessing that ‘appeared’ as just an inconvenience at first glance.

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