Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Are you riding the 'current'?

Psalm 37:7
“Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him.”

So I scouted out this spot down at my Lake, by the beach – couldn’t get any better than this! 

Cool breeze,
waves with tiny white caps,
ducks bobbing up and down with the current. 


So unlike us. 

We fight the ‘current’… the ‘now’. 

The ‘present’. 

We try to paddle past it. Get to the next stage, the next tomorrow, before we’re even done with ‘today’.

Such restless souls scurrying to and fro, seeming so busy, so important, so rushed.

We wear it as a badge of honor, like it’s a credential.

We frame it like a diploma…I’ve completed my degree in ‘Busyness’. 

I’ve finished the course.

But what to show for it?

Blood pumping faster through my veins?

Half-hearted listening to little ones who want to give you every detail. (Inside thinking, “Get to the point!’ ‘Are you done yet?’)

Yet missing THEM.
Not engaging.

The fisherman seems to have it right. He’s not paddling. He’s bobbing up and down WITH the current.

Peaceful. Waiting. Trusting.

Oh to be that way in my walk with God.

Peaceful. Not frantic...not manic. 


Not trying to get it for myself, but waiting on Him. 

Trusting. Not worrying that I must fend for myself. (like the 2 year old who exclaims, ‘I do it myself!’ thinking he knows best.)

Trusting the very Big God of the Universe, and the very personal God of my soul. Trusting He will accomplish in me what I could never manipulate and finagle myself.

Do we really think so highly of ourselves to make a better life for us than the Creator of the whole world could?

How prideful.
How arrogant and self-assured.
How human of us.

He created me.  He knows how I best operate. (He wrote my Owner’s Manual) Yet I want to grab the reigns, take over the steering wheel and prop Him in the backseat!

He can be my GPS, make suggestions that I can choose to ignore while I take another route…a quicker way. To avoid the traffic of life. 

Maybe God’s way is IN the traffic. 

Backed up cars, making me wait.
Trying my patience,
Slowing me down.

BUT I want to go around.

Avoid the wait.

But missing the growth.

When was the last time you ignored your GPS and ended up very lost? Be mindful of the fact that when we ignore God’s directions, we too will find ourselves very lost.

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