Friday, March 14, 2014

Have your Pi and Eat it too!

Psalm 100:4
"Be thankful and say so!"

So it’s Pi Day today…REALLY????
When is it Cake Day?

Now I know it’s in honor of a Math symbol that is used in mathematics to represent a constant…but shouldn't Pie be a constant too??  We will be celebrating it by Zack and Tiana making a Peach and an Apple Pie.  Now that's what I'm tawkin' about!!
(THAT kinda ‘Pie’ has more calories yet tastes a whole lot better!)

How about we just call a day whatever we want and then celebrate THAT?!

Sushi Day...yes please.

Shopping Day…go shop.

Beach Day…head to the Ocean.

Book Day…hit Barnes and Noble.

We don’t need a National Holiday to get us to appreciate and celebrate something or someone. (or do we?)  Have we become so entitled that we have forgotten to be thankful and appreciate all the many things and people God has blessed us with?

But it serves as a great reminder to remember their value. I know many people rebel that tend to hate Valentine’s Day because it feels forced – but it does tend to jog our sometimes ‘lazy romantic memory’. 

Many times throughout scripture God challenges us to be intentional.  Not to wait to feel like it. 

Maybe we should create our own calendar and for each day make up our own holiday and be thankful for that one thing – and then go celebrate it!

God loves us to be thankful and say so!

What are a few ideas you would come up with for Holiday Titles?

Me Day? (Some of you probably need to carve out a little ‘No Guilt’ me time for your own sanity ;)

Now go 'Have your Pie and eat it too!' ;)


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