Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Perspective, have you had your daily dose today?!

So me and this cute thing were just discussing 'perspective'.
(no...she didn't fall asleep out of boredom, this is just my excuse to insert cute picture from the past!)

We had gone down the hill to the store, only to find a homeless man right in front of it...asleep on the hard concrete with a sign on his back that stated he was hungry and needed food.  Her heart was broken for this previously very capable man, who probably once held a job and some hope.


Just prior to that I asked my girl if she thought a dying child in a cancer ward would be happy to exchange their life for ours?


(To answer your question, no...our after school discussions aren't always this 'heavy'...phew!)
They usually consist of  her making comments like, "I wish science was an elective" or me asking what, If anything, made her laugh today?  And of course about the infamous Math test we all know and love!

Just thinkin' how often we take it all for granted.
How blessed we are.
Spoiled, really.

How that man would choose that cozy little blanket above over the hard cement sidewalk.
The sick child would choose health.
Yet we're cruising through life, multi-tasking so much... we become too distracted to notice.
We should be blown away by how 'wealthy'  we are, even WITHOUT money.

I read this earlier in my Walk with God Devotional: "The infinite, almighty, eternal God--the One who holds vast universes in the palm of His hand--has cared for pitifully small, broken human beings.  He has even crowned us with honor.  What a staggering contrast of proportions!  A glimpse of it will deepen our perspective.  Understanding the vastness of God and the finiteness of humanity brings us back to sanity.  Our problems become smaller than God, our plans bow to His will, and our faulty logic submits to His Word.  Order is restored.  Has your perspective become distorted?  Do your problems seem huge and your God small?  Do you prefer your plans over His will and His Word? Sin has always distorted our thoughts, making us larger than we ought to be and making God smaller than He is.  As a result, our problems seem bigger than God, our plans seem better than His will, and our faulty logic makes more sense to us than His infallible Word."


We can never have too much of it.
In most cases, we're severely deficient in our doses of perspective.
(Shall we consider an IV drip?!)

Maybe we should include in our daily 'To Do's' :
#1.  Stop and take a look around at how good you got it!

Now quit yer whining... and carry on.
(oh sorry, maybe that was me)