Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'll get to that...tomorrow


Putting off what needs to be done.
So easy to do, but why?
Delaying the inevitable.

Praying the need will slip away, unnoticed?
Yet it lingers...just the thought of it.

The weight of 'not doing' outweighs the actual 'doing'.
It gets transferred on our Franklin Covey handy dandy Daytimer to the next day,

and then the next day...
day after day,
days turn into weeks.

So much for the habits of highly effective people, that theory just got thrown out the window.

Trust me, I've had my share of setting things aside.  (I actually wrote this yesterday and I'm just posting it today, shhhhh.  Our little secret.) 

The 'I'll get to it later when my busy life slows down.' 
THOSE days never seem to show up on the calendar.

Still waiting.

The list keeps getting longer.
Overwhelming at times.

So I decide to 'do'.
The 'intentional' do.
Not the 'fun things I LIKE to do'.

The necessary.

Then the sigh of relief after it's done, with the added, "Why didn't I just DO this thing a long time ago?!

Proverbs 13:4  "The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied."

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Fear Not!" (the most frequent command in the Bible, hmmm)

Fear can be crippling.

Paralyzes us.
Immobilizes us.
Stops us in our tracks.

It takes us off the fast moving freeway on cruise control,
and detours us onto an off road with scary looking boulders that appear impossible to navigate around.  No road signs in sight to offer a sense of security. 


Just a lot of 'unknowns'.

That's usually when fear gets the best of our security conscious, comfort driven, routine lovin'  selves!

The unknown.

Just think of all of the fear inducing things surrounding us.  As I was writing this my News App just lit up my phone saying there was an explosion at the end of the Boston Marathon.  I actually know someone on facebook that is running in that.  My heart sunk.  My mind raced, questioning, "IS SHE OKAY?"

I went away this weekend to a Beach House.  Should be relaxing, yes?  But had a few fear inducing thoughts of my own as I knew both of my sons were also on the road traveling to a separate Beach Community overnight.  Will they drive safe?  Will the girls be ok staying at 2 different houses.  Will the dogs survive without me? (Lame, I know!)  Not to mention the fear being a passenger not in control of the wheel.  (Oh Lord!)

I like to believe I don't have a lot of anxiety.  I tend to take things as they come.  I go with the flow.  I trust God has a plan, and it may look nothing like the plan I had pictured.  (may not even resemble it at times.)

But I think we all can struggle with these fears that can try and choke us out.  We may even feel justified, saying to ourselves, "It's a mom's job to worry."  We may even think we're a better mom if we do.

Yet we need to go back to trusting that ultimately our kids safety is in God's hands...not ours.  We can train them up, and teach them the rules of the road,

and in life -

but when they walk out our front door -
the rest we can not control.

We take a deep breath...

and we thank their Maker that His hands are way more capable than ours anyway.

Then we exhale.