Friday, June 8, 2012

Ignoring the 'Helicopters''s just noise!

There's something to be said when you hear helicopters over your head...




because there is a fire in your little town.

It's hard to completely relax when you stop and listen.

Initially, because I was busy and on the phone, I didn't even notice.

Or wonder.

Then my son called on his way to work and filled me in.

The firetrucks.
The helicopters.
The traffic crawling.
The ramp on our exit closed.

Then the 'News' filled in all the blanks.


once all the noise is shut off,
and I sit here 'trying' to write -
the helicopters that once seemed 'way off in the distance'...
are literally blaring through amps in my ears!!!

Cuz I'm 'TUNED IN' !!!

Sometimes that can happen with our fears.
They linger in the background (waiting to pounce).
We get too busy to notice all the things that should 'apparently' be making us panic.

But suddenly you...'get the call' ...
warning you of the danger -
maybe the creditor calls...
or the Doctor...
the News.

Then suddenly you dial into your fears.
Meditating on them.

Then those alarms (those helicopters)
start sounding off in your head.

Sometimes we need to stop meditating on our problems
(and stop rehearsing the 'what if's')...
and start meditating on 'the One' who can handle them.

I love the saying, "I don't know what the future holds,
but I know who holds the future!"
That calms a lot of fears that I could camp on all day long!
I don't panic about a lot of things.
(except when my kids walk up behind me when I'm cooking...
then you'll see me come out of my skin!!  Just ask 'em!  We made a pact that they will warn me with a, "Mom...I'm coming down the stairs and entering the kitchen" kinda pact.)

I simply trust God.

He has a plan that is infinitely better than any plan I could devise on my own.

And if He can sleep on a boat in the middle of stormy seas -
then I CAN TOO!