Monday, June 4, 2012

Graduate with honor

Such an 'eventful' weekend.
We had the privilege to go to our Son's Graduation.
Zack graduated this year early, but this was the official Ceremony.
Carter graduated last year but walked in cap and gown with his brother since he missed last years Ceremony.

Yet with all the celebrating going on in our house...
the following day was my friend's Dad's Funeral.

So over that 2 day span...
while I watched my Sons walk across the stage with a diploma
(and we were celebrating)...

she watched her Dad go down an aisle in a casket.
(and she was mourning).

What a contrast.

Both of them are Graduation Days.

One is filled with hope and anticipation of the future here on earth.
(our temporary home).

The other is a promise of the things to come...for those who believe.
(our permanent home).

What a day that will be!

While those who are left behind mourn the loss, and the sadness sets in...
we get to yearn for the day that we can have that Ultimate Family Reunion!

And while the High School Diploma gets tossed in a drawer,
and the tassle fades...
the Ultimate Graduation will usher us in next to our Father,
the King of Kings.

My heart aches for my friend.
A daughter.
Missing her dad.

Such a contrast these past few days.

Ecclesiastes says it best:

"There is a time for everything
and a season for every activity under the heavens.

A time to be born

and a time to die...

a time to mourn

and a time to dance."

Please keep Kim and her family in your prayers!

And the following Graduation picture is of my Father-In-Law who passed away years ago...
We may not have graduated with Honors here on earth...
but we can graduate with Honor in heaven!