Friday, June 1, 2012

Guest Blog: Words Ain't so Scary

Hi Friends!

I asked my friend Matt who is an Author/Coach (and a lot more that he will tell you about) to be a guest blogger here on Faith Develops in the Dark.  He has been very instrumental to me in writing my first book.  He was the one who encouraged me to develop my platform by starting my blog.  He is a great resource for anyone who may be interested.  I gave him free reign to say 'whatever' don't hold me responsible! ;)

Lori's nagging writing coach
Hey all you friends and readers of Lori’s blog. I’m Matt Moran, an author, business coach, Christian iconoclast (trouble-maker/rabble rouser), and songwriter/musician. (links provided throughout and at the end of the post).

Lori asked me to guest blog.. I said yes, and now you have to endure me for a moment. I apologize for the length – not really but I felt compelled to say that. Lori’s post are shorter.