Monday, March 5, 2012

Beware if all men speak well of you

It actually seems to be the aim of many...the approval of others.  A good day is defined as when there is no conflict.
Smooth waters.  
No waves.
I mean who wants to make waves?
Why rock the boat?

Luke 6:26 says there's trouble ahead when we live only for the approval of others, saying what flatters them.  God calls us to be true, not popular.  

But how messy.  So much easier to be agreeable...

But what a gift to have those people in your life who risk hurting your feelings for your greater good.  Not spoonfeeding you Dessert that goes down easy...
but giving you that mushy spinach that gives you that gag reflex.  
Yet it's good for you.
Brings health to your soul.  
Grace and Truth together, the perfect partners.   

I'm thankful for those people in my life that have different opinions than me, who challenge me to step up higher.
Who love me enough to say so.