Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I got Published over Labor Day...a 'labor' of love!

I just got on Facebook and my friend @Matt Moran, who is also an Author and Writing Coach, was posting that I just got Published. (I think he was bragging a bit, since he's been my advisor along the way ;)  I'm thinking he's wanting a 'My Student Just Got Published' bumper sticker...hmmm, that would be good advertising for a Writing Coach.  I may be onto something!
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It's funny hearing someone else say that.  
In my mind I 'just' wrote an article for a Newspaper.
Big deal.
People do it all the time.
But 'Published'?
Sounds so 'official'.
That's a whole new ball game.

It just struck me how easily we can down play things that we accomplish.  To be totally honest with you (because up to this point I haven't been...just kidding, my hubby and I always laugh when people say that, like everything has been lies unless they preface a sentence with that)...sorry for that tangent, now I forgot what I was gonna say. ;-/

Oh yea, I be transparent with you...I am not so impressed that my Bio got published, because I attribute it to my friend @Norma Rapko Vargas who I wrote it for.  She has accomplished great things, and my attitude is that a Newspaper would be crazy not to publish it based on her merits alone, having nothing to do with my writing.  This is not intended to illicit a few golf claps for my Bio, I simply am reminded of how often we all can tend to say...for example...I'm 'just' a mom.  (Like it's 'just' an article.)  If I could 'just' be anything...Justa Mom I would be!
I hate to hear Moms devalue that position and chuck it in the 'Just a' file.  To think that we are raising the next generation, we are raising future Presidents, we are grooming some of them to defend our Country, some of them will be Doctors who save lives on a regular could you feel you are 'just' a mom.  Who switched the price tags?  Who convinced you that your value was little?
I want to applaud the mom's out there.  My babies aren't babies anymore, but I recently had 4 young kids here while my daughter babysat...and it was hard for me to remember how I got anything done back then.(or showered no less) It gave me a fresh new appreciation for the work Moms do.

So if you're tempted to think you are 'just a' anything, remember not so much WHO you are...but WHOSE you are...God bought you with a price.

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