Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wrecked: A Book Review

How is it 'Wrecked' sounds like an accident...a disaster...and yet...
it literally sets you free?

It changes you need.

It takes that selfish, 'all about me' motto...
and turns it all around.

A 365 degree turn.

Shakes up that narcissistic nature...and before you know it, you just realize, "I'm more fulfilled when I give my life away!" 


That's alot of pressure anyway...phew.

What a relief.

But prepare to be challenged...


That's when God turns you inside out and finds what you're made of.

Life is messy...and Jeff is tired of pretending otherwise...

the shame...

living in the past.

The subtle form of sabotage, of tricking you into believing that life is about you.


This book will shake up your predictable, well laid plans...

allow you to be 'interrupted'...

and ultimately be used for His purposes, not your own.

(Goodbye boredom!)

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