Sunday, July 15, 2012

I don't struggle with depression...but

If I can get in my 3 R's...
I'm happy! 

 (Read, Ride, wRite)

So far I have Rode my bike -
now onto wRiting.

I will Read after that.

Finished a book yesterday,
and tackling a few more.

Little bits at a time is all I feel able to do in life lately.
If I can squeeze in some variety,
my soul feels good.

My usual routine is to open my eyes and start the day with the Good News,
sets the tone for the inevitable drama that's bound to occur on any given day.

Ride my bike before I eat (my son says it burns fat as opposed to riding after you eat just burns the calories you ate.)

Sounds like a good thing!
And wRiting?

I'm trying to get more disciplined and do a little bit every day.
I'm in a 'season' where free time is a luxury,
so setting time aside for writing sometimes comes attached with a dose of guilt.

The voice in my head whispers,

"This isn't making you $ 'Now."

"You should be doing something 'else."

"Go write another sale 'instead."

Maybe sometimes the work we put into doesn't achieve us the 'immediate' payout in $, but it's almost like an investment you make into an account you just don't have access to quite yet.

Consider it a savings account.


You are learning now, to earn later.

Just as investing in your kids doesn't always have an immediate payout.

No check magically shows up every 2 weeks.

No paid vacation.

No 'atta boys' and Company Cars (or mini vans).

It may come wayyyyy later when they make that wise decision.
(cuz they really were listening all those times you told them, 'say no to drugs'. )

Those are the kinds of pay offs.

Or this week my son is a Camp
Counselor again for our Church for the 2nd time this summer.


These are the 'paychecks' I love receiving.

All the years I 'chose' to stay home to raise our kids,
and gave up my career running an Employment Agency-
these are the benefits I am thankful for.

So often we get lured for the immediate payout -
and sacrifice the long-term benefits.


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