Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh no...I wrecked!!!

(Here is a recent review I submitted to Amazon...Wrecked comes out on August 1st!)

I was privileged to be given an advanced copy of Jeff Goins newest book, "Wrecked:  When A Broken World Slams Into Your Comfortable Life."  Jeff has a remarkable way of performing CPR on your spiritual life that gets your calloused heart pumping again!  He ignites your senses to those things that you have become numb to.  Jeff gives you a new set of glasses to see the hurting, and not pass on by.  He stops you dead in your tracks -
he gets you off the couch!

I challenge you to read this book and not be transformed to your core.  This book will shake up your predictable well laid plans...
allow you to be interrupted...
and take you on a detour off the well beaten path.

Jeff Goins gets you to look away from the mirror long enough to notice others and their needs.  That's when true change begins.  Enough of the 'Self Help' that the world continues to promote, Jeff's approach has a radical's in reaching out to others you find your true purpose and fulfillment.  This book will shake up that narcissistic nature, remind you that life is "Not all about you", and then bring you to a place of recognizing that you're more fulfilled when you give your life away!  Be prepared to be challenged...uncomfortable.  Embrace it!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wrecked: A Book Review

How is it 'Wrecked' sounds like an accident...a disaster...and yet...
it literally sets you free?

It changes you need.

It takes that selfish, 'all about me' motto...
and turns it all around.

A 365 degree turn.

Shakes up that narcissistic nature...and before you know it, you just realize, "I'm more fulfilled when I give my life away!" 


That's alot of pressure anyway...phew.

What a relief.

But prepare to be challenged...


That's when God turns you inside out and finds what you're made of.

Life is messy...and Jeff is tired of pretending otherwise...

the shame...

living in the past.

The subtle form of sabotage, of tricking you into believing that life is about you.


This book will shake up your predictable, well laid plans...

allow you to be 'interrupted'...

and ultimately be used for His purposes, not your own.

(Goodbye boredom!)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A compelling reason to throw out your History Book!

So as I'm driving around with the above crazy girl,
we get to discussing school.
I ask her what subjects she likes and dislikes,
and she quickly told me she did NOT like History!
When asked why, she replied so automatically
(as if she'd been rehearsing this for quite some time).

She answered,

"Because they're dead!
Get over it!
Lets move on."

I had to laugh.
(and then immediately worried for her future History Teacher.)

And then I got to thinking...
wouldn't it be great to have her matter-of-fact attitude toward our own history -

our past?

Those things we keep reading over and over in the textbooks of our minds...
as if studying for a test.

Replaying the record.

Reliving the regret.

Like a late all night cramming session before an exam.
(drinking very strong black coffee!)

If we could just respond
like my girl,

"It's dead!

Get over it!

Lets move on."

Now for you History Professors reading,
don't be appalled -
I'll continue to stress the importance of our History,
and where we came from...
and the significance of our past -

but maybe this girl is onto a greater lesson of not getting entangled in our yesterdays,
those things that hold us back.

Thus the phrase,

"It's History!"

(In what ways have you learned to throw away your notes from that History lecture,
and stopped your 'History' from programming your future?)

Philippians 3:13

"I focus on this one thing:
Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead."

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I don't struggle with depression...but

If I can get in my 3 R's...
I'm happy! 

 (Read, Ride, wRite)

So far I have Rode my bike -
now onto wRiting.

I will Read after that.

Finished a book yesterday,
and tackling a few more.

Little bits at a time is all I feel able to do in life lately.
If I can squeeze in some variety,
my soul feels good.

My usual routine is to open my eyes and start the day with the Good News,
sets the tone for the inevitable drama that's bound to occur on any given day.

Ride my bike before I eat (my son says it burns fat as opposed to riding after you eat just burns the calories you ate.)

Sounds like a good thing!
And wRiting?

I'm trying to get more disciplined and do a little bit every day.
I'm in a 'season' where free time is a luxury,
so setting time aside for writing sometimes comes attached with a dose of guilt.

The voice in my head whispers,

"This isn't making you $ 'Now."

"You should be doing something 'else."

"Go write another sale 'instead."

Maybe sometimes the work we put into doesn't achieve us the 'immediate' payout in $, but it's almost like an investment you make into an account you just don't have access to quite yet.

Consider it a savings account.


You are learning now, to earn later.

Just as investing in your kids doesn't always have an immediate payout.

No check magically shows up every 2 weeks.

No paid vacation.

No 'atta boys' and Company Cars (or mini vans).

It may come wayyyyy later when they make that wise decision.
(cuz they really were listening all those times you told them, 'say no to drugs'. )

Those are the kinds of pay offs.

Or this week my son is a Camp
Counselor again for our Church for the 2nd time this summer.


These are the 'paychecks' I love receiving.

All the years I 'chose' to stay home to raise our kids,
and gave up my career running an Employment Agency-
these are the benefits I am thankful for.

So often we get lured for the immediate payout -
and sacrifice the long-term benefits.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Being broke comes with a Benefit Package(who knew?!)

Being broke can make you richer!
(Now don't be running to check your account's still the same.)

But richer in insight.

It causes you to look around and notice more things.
Things you flew by before on the way to your next vacation.

Not noticing. 

Although you're lacking in the 'funds department',
you are wealthy in the 'letting go'...

of all the perks of what having $ in the bank can allow.

The being comfortable (rather than expectant).

The security you thought came from a 'secure' paycheck -
actually comes from a secure God.

More reliable than a paycheck.

More consistent.

Now I'm not against making $ and providing a great lifestyle for your family -

but what I wish MORE for you is the 'opportunity' to struggle.

To stretch.

To question.

To feel ripped apart.

Just as in working out your muscles you actually rip the muscle before it builds...
the feeling 'ripped apart' is a necessary step in building your faith muscle.

That's when real growth happens.


The pain involved is a sign of real growth happening.

So don't look at the pain of your circumstances as a sign of failure,
but a hint that there's real progress happening (even though the muscle isn't quite to the surface yet).

It's coming.

(The infamous 4 letter word...


Romans 8:18 says, "I consider that what we suffer at this present time cannot be compared at all with the glory that is going to be revealed to us."