Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Wrestling Match continues!

Life requires it.
IF you want to live it well.

And yet the Tyranny of the Urgent continues to beckon me.
It tries to suck me in.
I'll be honest, I wrestle with it like those wrestlers on the mat,
in a choke hold,
trying to pull off some crazy manuevers,
all while twisted like a pretzel with their opponent.

Ever feel like that?

Take today for example.
Had to review a 50 page Business Plan for our Business,
shot out an email to hubby with some changes we should make
(structuring, typos, etc.)...
all the while I got phone calls that I 'could' have answered but tried to remain on task.

Then I try to meet my writing discipline and set myself up outside -
Book I'm writing...check.
Protein Shake...check.
Pen...of course check.

And then...

Hubby calls and says, "Do you have time to go over these changes, because I got a break right now."


The wrestling match begins.
Should I?
Shouldn't I?
Do I drop everything?
I mean...hey, 'he' has a break.
It's convenient for 'him'.

The wrestling continues.
The Proverbs 31 woman has the nerve to slip into my wrestling match.
(I know, right?!)

Then I said it.
The 'N' word.

(I hear you gasping, "Oh no you didn't.")
I did.

But remember...it was a question.
He asked IF I had time right now?
(I mean certainly we probably all have time right now.)
But then something else gets shoved aside.

Yet we also need to make appointments with ourself.

And. Keep. Them.

It would be disrespectful if we didn't keep appointments with other people.
If we blew them off when something better came along.

Yet aren't we disrespecting ourselves when we don't keep appointments with ourselves?

The appointment with ourself to spend time with God in the morning.
The appointment with ourself to work out.
The appointment with ourself to work our job.

And to rest.

Just like other people take us more seriously when we keep our appointments with them...

I think we take ourselves more seriously when we keep our appointments with ourselves.

Now I know you're all feeling bad for poor 'ol hubby -
trust me, he's fine.
If it was an emergency, I swear I'd drop everything.
(If there was blood involved, I mean.)

Obviously we need to have some flexibility, even with a schedule.
But for the most part we need to be intentional.

So I tried to set up an appointment with him, and we'll be going over it tonight. (You can put your minds at ease.)

And I need to get better at not interrupting his schedule when he is working on a spreadsheet, and I just start discussing something that's on my mind. 

So as much as we dread schedules sometimes...
I know me...
If I didn't set out a plan to do certain things...
I doubt I'd ever get around to doing any of them.
(especially the laundry.)

(And just now my daughter called to see if I would call the orthodontist.)

Tempted again.

Almost quickly did it to get it off the list.
But it can wait.
It's funny, I wasn't even 'intentionally' answering her call.
I opened the phone to look up a bible reference and there she was.
(also slipping into the wrestling match...cute little thing.)

I Corinthians 9:26-27

"So I run with purpose in every step.  I am not just shadowboxing." (NLT)

"Therefore I do not run uncertainly (without definite aim).  I do not box like one beating the air and striking without an adversary." (AMP)

"So I run - but not without a clear goal ahead of me.  So I box - but not as if I were just shadow boxing."


  1. This reminds me... I have some writing to do :) WRITE ON!

  2. Great post! But I still feel sad for Kevin. I know, I am weak. heheheh