Wednesday, June 6, 2012

'To Do'...or not 'To Do'...THAT is the question!

The infamous 'To Do' list.
It's a love/hate thing...

oh how I love to hate it!

I love the cute little check marks,
and the feeling that follows.
And yet I hate that as soon as one task disappears,
it's as if it gave birth to triplets overnight!
You never have that satisfaction of completion for very long.
It fades rapidly.

On one hand, I should be grateful for things 'To Do'.
My sweet sister, who has been wheelchair bound for over 25 years would love to trade her immobility for a crazy, hectic, busy life with a 'To Do' list in hand.

Just the activity.
The busyness.
That feeling of accomplishment.
And yet I look at all SHE accomplishes...
without as much 'activity'.

She impacts lives.
She changes our perspective.
She helps us SEE.
She is way more in a a cup that needs to be refilled...
to a gift that needs to be given.

She is on it!

Because her ability is lacking in one area,
it is magnified in others.
She teaches me to be grateful,
through her silence.

A great teacher doesn't need words.
She lost her ability to talk over 25 years ago too...
but her life continues to speak in spite of it.
Words sometimes just get in the way anyway.

Have you ever heard the quote by St. Frances of Assipi:
"Preach the Gospel at all times.
When necessary,
use words."

That's how I see my beautiful Robbie -
her life speaks louder and clearer than any word could possibly utter.
Words seem to be so black and white compared to her LIVE and in color,
3D life!

I think WE have the disability...

not her.

Our wheelchair of words that restrict us.

She paints a picture without a brush.
She lives it out in front of us.
Her dependency on others to do for her.
Yet we strut around with our so called 'independence'.
Relying on ourselves.
Not needing anyones help.
'I can do it...hear me roar' mentality.

And yet that makes it harder for us..
to lean on God.

To be 'dependent'.

She has learned to do it so much better through her lack of independence.

A 'gift' wrapped up in unique packaging.

P.S.  She is currently in the ER fighting for her life...remember that as you are tempted to 'grumble' about... 



  1. Just loved this Lori. Your words are sweet & eloquent & Robbie would be blessed to hear them. Love you Sis. Lisa

  2. Ohhh Lis, I'm blessed to hear this. No words quite do Robbies life justice, but it was my weak attempt. So wish I could be at the hospital with her. Hug her for me. Love you!!

  3. Thank you Lori for this. She sounds like an amazing person.