Saturday, June 16, 2012

No matter what, you have a Father you can count on!

My Dad.

So many things pop in my mind as I reflect on what a great man he is in my life.

In one sense, he's kinda like the Mayor...
everyone seems to know him.
Young and old.
We walk down the dock where he keeps his boat and he strikes up conversations with just about everyone. He seems to fit in with all types.

Whether he was serving on a Board, or volunteering to help clean up the Church on Saturday mornings,
he has a presence.

You won't find him sitting around doing nothing...that is for sure!
He is either jet setting between his 2 homes in Florida or Lake Side in Upstate New York.  You'll find him either on the golf course, riding his motorcycle, part of a snowmobile club, at the Daytona Bike Races, or Saratoga Horse Races...
he's not much for sitting still.(for too long.)
Unless he breaks a rib like he did this past week..
but chances are he'll still be fitting in a few chores.

He's the kind of guy that if he showed up a few minutes late for church,
he would slip in the back door quietly and grab a quick seat in the back.
He wouldn't march up the aisle to the front seat and be a distraction to those who got there on time.  You certatinly won't find him driving slow in the passing lane.  And if there's a movie out having anything to do with cruelty to animals -
he won't be anywhere to be found!

He's not much for dwelling on the bad news -
he'd rather focus on the good.

He is generous to the core!

Growing up, if there was something going on n our neighborhood,
whether a fire or a bike being stolen -
he was the first to jump in the car to get to the bottom of it...
and I'd be right at his heels asking, "Can I come???"
(and off we went!)

If I run a situation by him, before he would even give his advice, he would preface it with, "Do you want my opinion?"

I am grateful for this man I call Dad.
Grateful that I still have him in my life when so many others have lost theirs
or don't have a relationship with them.

Regardless of your situation this Father's Day...
remember we have a Father in Heaven to celebrate who will never disappoint.

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. Fathers are great people. When a man is a father, he takes it so much further than just being a guy in his kids' lives. WRITE ON!