Friday, June 1, 2012

Guest Blog: Words Ain't so Scary

Hi Friends!

I asked my friend Matt who is an Author/Coach (and a lot more that he will tell you about) to be a guest blogger here on Faith Develops in the Dark.  He has been very instrumental to me in writing my first book.  He was the one who encouraged me to develop my platform by starting my blog.  He is a great resource for anyone who may be interested.  I gave him free reign to say 'whatever' don't hold me responsible! ;)

Lori's nagging writing coach
Hey all you friends and readers of Lori’s blog. I’m Matt Moran, an author, business coach, Christian iconoclast (trouble-maker/rabble rouser), and songwriter/musician. (links provided throughout and at the end of the post).

Lori asked me to guest blog.. I said yes, and now you have to endure me for a moment. I apologize for the length – not really but I felt compelled to say that. Lori’s post are shorter.

I know Lori & Kevin through mutual friends. As a couple they have been more instrumental than they know in helping me deal with some relational setbacks in life – primarily my wrestling match with God (He’s keeps winning but I keep taking my injured hip and jumping back into the fight), the nature of forgiveness, and moving forward.

I, on the other hand, nag.. er.. uh.. coach Lori with her writing and blogging. She can probably attest to, and even show, some of the bruises that our phone and Internet coaching sessions have left.. I’m not the, “you can do..”, “find your inner muse”, “when you are ready”, Coddle-Me-Elmo type of coach.

I’m much more of a, “start by writing something today and publish it”, “stop being a baby and write something”, “no you don’t need a writer’s critique group – they are do nothing vampires”, “have you written something today”, “have you written something today”, “have you written something today”, “have you written something today”, “have you written something today”, “have you written something today”, “GET GOING NOW!” – type of coach.

Lori had approached me some time back to read some of her writing. It is pretty good.. good enough in my opinion to develop and pursue. True to form, when I read her writing, I left and went on my way. I didn’t give her any feedback at the time.. only to find out that she really would have liked some feedback. Duhhhh..

I should know this, I’m a professional author. I have numerous articles and the books, “The IT Career Builder’s Toolkit” and soon to be released, “Building Your I.T. Career” to my credit. I know how frightening it is to write and put it out there.

I often say, and have told Lori several times, “A writer is someone who believes they have something to say but then are as surprised as hell when anyone reads it.” (Am I allowed to say hell on Lori’s blog. If she has edited that out, then I guess not.)

Needless to say, maybe a month or two after reading her writing, I was speaking with her and said, “You have some talent.. you write well.”

She told me that she had been wondering what I thought and figured because I said nothing I must not have liked it.

I told her that the problem is that I am a bit self-absorbed and was pondering her writing – so I had not commented yet… But I do know how much that feedback helps. To better understand that, read, “Writer defined, the search for the silver bullet, and stroking the muse.”

Having been through a largely self-induced period of emotional darkness, losing a few book contracts, and slowly climbing back to find my writing again and get the contracts back, I know the value of positive feedback and a not-so-gentle push. Apparently, my feedback mattered to her and I should have given it. So slap me – everyone else does!

Since then, I convinced her to get her blog up and running. We would have long sessions of me answering her questions patiently (if by patiently I mean an exasperated, “Just get started for heaven’s sake!”).

Truth is, she is doing well. She writes in a fragmented style –devotional thought snippets – and I want to see her develop paragraphs more (at least sometimes) but her readers appreciate what she is doing.. and what do I know.. I’m just the published author with a few book contracts sitting on my desk. (ZING!). Oh yeah.. I’m opinionated and I pontificate to her frequently. She can take it!

Truth is, and I have told her this, just by publishing more than once on her blog, she has stepped into a small percentage of writers who are willing to expose their soft-underbelly to the world. It is a vulnerable place to be. And for that alone, I am proud of her. (sniffle, she’s all grown up).

Furthermore, she is one of the few blogs I read regularly and completely with every posting. In part because they are short and easy to digest. Also, I learn some things from her. There are a few others I always read– ie: my daughter Jess and her Abba’s Ragamuffin blog (reader beware, she’ll take you down a spiritual and life rabbit hole of intensity) – and Chris Guillebeau’s Art of Non-Conformity.


She might not ask you, but I will.. Here is how you can support her. Comment on what you like. Use the comment box and fill it out! Don’t be LAZY! Let her know what you think about a given post, her writing in general, or what you would like her to cover. Or write her a quick email. Shoot.. call her on the phone (she ‘s easier to reach then Kevin).

The Internet is a big scary world for the writer and she is doing the emotional equivalent of undressing in front of you and showing skin with scars..  So, if you are visiting the peep show of the heart, a cat call or two would be nice.

And to that end Lori. Owwww!!! Look at her! Woot Woot! Shake that money maker! And all that sort of stuff.. in a literary writing sense. You are doing awesome!

About me (as if what I wrote above did not say enough):
Business & Technology Coach & Consultant, Public Speaker, Published Author (book 1, book 2), and Singer/Songwriter

The important stuff: Father and stubborn, sometimes self-loathing cage fighter against the Almighty.


  1. Lori, I love your writing style! I will buy your book fersure! kisses & more kisses from your "in my mind" biggest fan.

  2. Muchos gracias my sweet friend, I dig you, and appreciate all the ways you uplift me! xoxo