Thursday, June 7, 2012

Faith is prone to wander, in more ways than one

So my chubby little yorkie named Faith sat by the gate on the side yard while I worked on writing my book.
She looks all innocent here..
but earlier she was sniffing around,
glancing through the bars,
then she looked over her shoulder to see if I was watching.
I, of course, pretending I wasn't...
kept peering at her out of the corner of my eye.

I waited.
And wondered.
Would she actually try?

So finally, after standing on her hind legs...
she poked her head through.
I held my breath wondering...
and sure enough,
she squeezed her chunky little self through those narrow bars.

and she hit the deck!

I couldn't believe my eyes.
What would make her so crazy to wanna leave ME?
To leave THIS?
This wonderful life?

She's definately not lacking in the food department...
and Lord knows she gets more than enough attention.
(The proof is the many pics of her on my phone!)

What is it about a fence that calls out to us -

dangles the carrot for a better life?

Oh the possibilities!

And yet if she made a run for it, she'd be at risk of so much danger.
Of getting lost, or worse yet...killed.
(can't you picture her running the neighborhood, wind in her hair?
I'm envisioning an Alpo commercial in her future.)

Yet our nature is prone to wander.
God sets up boundaries and borders.
(Gates, so to speak)...
to keep us safe.
Yet we think we can jump the fence and beat the odds.

Fortunately, Faith is back.
And my faith has returned...believing that although we may wander off,
God still wants us to come home.
Hopefully she is grateful for the life she has...
and hopefully we can be too!

(Didn't anyone tell her the grass isn't greener?)


  1. My dog has a tendency to run off when we open the door. He does run with the wind in his hair. It's cute but dangerous. I don't know how to break him of it but we're trying everything we can think of. Your yorkie is adorable. She would like my little maltchie, I think. :) WRITE ON!

  2. Beautiful analogy of our lives. We do see the fence and then want to see the other side. In the absence of it do we go?