Friday, June 15, 2012

'Choosing' to Celebrate


Celebrating my mom who has a Birthday today.

Celebrating my Father on Sunday for Father's Day.

Celebrating my Father-in-Law and my Step Dad.

And I celebrate the Father of my children.

What a gift to have so many reasons to celebrate in the midst of the craziness.  Regardless of the challenging times and the difficulties...
we can hit the pause button...
and celebrate -

that person...
that love.

No one said the conditions have to be perfect to celebrate.

Whether it be on paper plates or on fine China,
we reflect on what matters...
WHO matters.

I think of all the Hollywood couples with padded bank accounts, all the toys and bells and whistles, and yet...
not celebrating.

Arguing over pre-nups and property,
the division of assets.

The almighty dollar doesn't solve THAT.

Relationships are what can stand the test of time.  Regardless of the climate around us, we can weather the storm.  Protect it from the winds of change and the storms that inevitably WILL come.

You winterize the 'house' when snow is in the forecast.

You carry an umbrella to protect you from the rain.

You intentionally prepare for 'Come what may'.

Cuz chances will!

John 16:33 promises..."In this WILL have trouble."
(not might...not possibly...WILL!)

That's a guarantee!
A promissory note.
Won't be needin' that to get notarized.

Oh, but don't forget the 2nd part.
The best part...

"...but be courageous -
I have overcome the world!"


Let me define...


Then the Greek has the audacity to say, "be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world."

(I know, sounds like a cruel joke.)

But. God.


  1. I tend to agree. I think money causes more problems than it fixes. WRITE ON!

  2. Thanks Jo...$$ can be a hindrance if there is no foundation.