Friday, June 22, 2012

A bunch of cowards bullying the innocent! (There! I said it!)

Feeling a bit outraged right now!
Did I say a 'bit'?
There are no words.
But I'll attempt, since it's kinda hard to blog with no words.

I watched the news, and saw a video of a bus monitor being verbally abused by a bunch of sissy boys, I mean 7th graders. 

Apparently the video has gone viral on You Tube and I'm glad to see others are horrified by such conduct!
To the point where people have raised over a half million $'s to send this poor 65 year old woman on her dream vacation.  Now there's a blessing in disguise!

She contained her self, demonstrating amazing self-control...and I believe she was rewarded for that.

They went as far as saying, "If I were your kid I'd kill myself."  Little did they know that her son had committed suicide.  She just sat there and cried, with no sympathy in sight! Just a bunch of harrassment surrounding her while someone videotaped the 10 minutes of abuse.

"Forgive them, for they know not what they do."
(these words keep ringing in my ears -
the words of Jesus who put up with and tolerated so much more -
to the point of death!)

So I sit here vascillating between wanting these bully's to pay for what they've done and wringing their scrawny little necks...
and at the same time I know I should forgive them for they obviously 'know not what they do!!!'

My son was outraged when he saw these kids were capable of such abuse to this innocent woman.

He asked me, "How do kids get to such a state as this?"

Got me scratching my head in wonder and imagining how they are being raised.  What they are being modeled. And why people sat by and didn't defend the defenseless.

I'd be worried for these cowards if my boys were on the bus that day!  Even if my girls were on it.
I can't see them sitting by.


I don't think it's in their DNA to stand by.

Psalm 82:4 says to "Rescue the weak and needy people.  Help them escape the power of wicked people."

vs. 3 says, "You're here to defend the defenseless, to make sure that underdogs get a fair break.  Your job is to stand up for the powerless, and prosecute all those who exploit them."

And although this focus was a call to judges in particular, God expects all of His people to be leaders when it comes to standing for what is right.

We're not to all set out to seek revenge, but in situations with 'Bully's in Training'...
our silence can be just as bad.
It's giving our stamp of approval.
A form of support!

We not only need to be concerned about our sins of 'commission'...
but our acts of 'ommission'.

What AREN'T we doing that we should?!
(Phewww...thanks for letting me get that off my chest!)

Here's the horrendous video...caution, some language and stuff that'll make your skin crawl,
but no use burying our heads in the sand...
this stuff happens right where we live!


  1. dorothyruppert.comJune 22, 2012 at 7:00 PM

    This is so sad. Violence, lack of respect for life, reality shows, and the media have taken over our youth. And, parents are asleep at the wheel. Makes me want to be in heaven.
    Dorothy Ruppert, Author of God Placed Her in My Path.

  2. Thanks Dorothy...agreed, some of the parents are certainly numb and have fallen asleep on their watch! Possibly too busy to notice?

  3. I would like to believe my boys would stand up and do something. I did a number of times in my youth and I hope I have instilled those values. So sad. WRITE ON!

  4. Thanks Jo! That was what disturbed me, that no one stood up for her...people just sittin' on the sidelines.

  5. Thanks Lori for sharing this and giving your perspective. Righteous anger..we need more of it today! Can't help but wonder what Jesus would have done in the situation...

  6. I'm hoping it's righteous anger...but it's anger none the less!

  7. I couldn't listen for the whole 10 minutes. I wonder what the parents thought. Oh wait. I saw one of the fathers on the news. He said "they're just kids". My kids never did that. I never did that. I can't believe that kind of thing is a matter for excuses on the part of a parent. Shame. And scary. Wonder if we will see a video of those youngsters going to her house to apologize? I'm not holding my breath.

  8. I love your feedback Sandi!! It was torture for me to sit thru the whole video. There is no excusing this kind of behavior...and I was just talking to my dad about the fact that he would at the minimum march us over there to apologize...the VERY least!!!

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