Saturday, June 23, 2012

Be could be contagious!!

I'm reading several books right now.
One is very inspiring,
one is technical about writing,
and the last is just plain fun.

I find I like to read a little bit of each, otherwise I get bored.

The inspirational one helps my heart.
Gets my head in the right place.
Calms me.

The technical one challenges me -
to hone my craft.
Teaches me.
Helps me 'feel' a little bit smarter. (Emphasis on 'feel' ;)

The fun one?
Well lets just say it entertains me.
Helps me loosen my recreational tie.
To have fun and not feel bad about it...
especially since I just got done doing the 'work'
of reading the technical nerdy stuff.
It's my reward. (Dessert)

It's good advice to take in life.

1. Be inspired.
2. Work hard.
3. Play hard.

If you hang out too long in just one of those areas,
you either get burned out and bitter...
or become ineffective and therefore depressed!
(neither of which God has called us to.)

In one of these books, Nicole Johnson asks a poignant question:

"If you could stand around at your own funeral and hear people talk about what they remember about you, what would you want them to be saying?"

She then says, "When we are honest, most of our days are full of things that we don't want to be doing.  It is hard to find epitaph material in those activities!  What woman in her right mind would want, "THIS WOMAN COULD IRON" carved in stone above her head?

The tricky part is in making an impact. 
Whether you're running a huge Company,
or running a household...
you're ultimately impacting society through those employees...
or through those kids you've been training all those years.

And don't let the world tell you your role at home is just about chores. 
It's about the attitude you have as you tackle them.

The 'joy' in the mundane.

The 'peace' in the midst of the chaos.

The 'calm' in the storm.

Be warned...
these things are contagious!

Stay away from others when you have this kinda
fever -
or they're bound to catch some of it themselves!


  1. I don't think that catching on would be so bad. WRITE ON!

  2. Thanks Jo, could be worse, huh?! ;)