Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Seriously...who stole the remote?!

Graduation is upon us!

My Zack graduated early, but the official Ceremony is on Saturday.

Carter never got to walk last year, but even though he graduated last year, he decided to officially walk in cap and gown with his brother.

Wasn't it just yesterday they were eating the 'Graduates' baby food for big boys?  Hmmmm...those calendar pages were flipping at lightning speed.  Who was leaning on the FF (fast forwarding) button?

Reminds me of that movie with Adam Sandler...Click. In the Bed, Bath and Beyond, and he got that cool remote which could actually do that!  Come to find out,  fast forwarding is HIGHLY overrated!

I prefer the pause button, personally.
And on certain days I'm tempted to hit the rewind.

We tend to do that on the good parts.
The amazing...
the pivotal moments.
No one really rewinds the ho hum scenes.
The routine.
The everyday breakfast.
The hanging out on the couch after work scenes.

Yet those are the moments I will miss the most with my boys.
Not just the 'spectacular'.
The big family trips.
The entertaining events.
But the 'everyday'.
The routine.
The predictable.
The irreplaceable.
Those moments.

I'd like to frame those ones like a priceless piece of art!
My own private Gallery Collection.
Not. For. Sale.

And on our Ultimate Graduation Day...
at the end of our lives...
I think those are the moments we'll look back on...
'swinging on the front porch swing' moments.

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  1. Thank you for the tears today! I'm going home today and stare at my boys while they do there homework, play legos, fight, call each other names, hit each other! Ok, click fast forward! Love you Bonn girl