Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Mother's Day Tribute to my Mom

If you thank your Mom publicly on your own Blog, the above link will explain in detail about 'The 1000 Moms Project'.  It's about 1000 people standing up and thanking their mom publicly and they will match your honoring of mothers by funding a Maternity/Child Survival Program in Haiti for a whole YEAR!

So here goes Mom...

You gave me room.
Room to flourish...
room to fail.

You didn't hover.  That gave me space to develop 'me'.  And you didn't force me to be 'you'. 

You didn't do my homework for me, and didn't complete my projects like most parents these days...(that are afraid their kids 'failure' might be a poor reflection of 'them'.)  And amazingly I got A's...on my own. 

Oh how you could teach so many mom's that THAT'S how you build your kids confidence, in allowing THEM  to do it.  What good is an A to a kid who knows it's not theirs? (Other than how good the 'My Child is an Honor Student' looks on the back of THEIR mini van. ;)

You instilled in me a love of God's word.
I can still see you reading at the corner of the couch...without fail.

You never seemed to get caught up in the hectic pace of life.  You invested in us kids.  You were less about 'doing' and more on who you were 'being'.
(and still to this day.)

You literally just texted me while preparing this for you.  How timely.
It said, "Marinate in the presence of God - it makes you tender!  Love you."

You always check in.
You send the most sentimental gifts.
You're generous to me and continue to sacrifice your own comfort to allow for mine. 

I'm remembering just recently where you mailed out a cooler with freezer paks so you could send me the original "Hoffman's" hotdogs all the way from N.Y. reminding me of the many years we went to that Restaurant growing up.  Nothin' beats that N.Y. Coney Dog!

I've benefitted from your wisdom, and pass that torch to my kids.

Love how you still try to keep all us kids connected.  You text me to pray for Tom when he's on a flight...and pray for Jeff when he's at the hospital with Robbie.  

I'm sad for those who don't have a Mom like you.
Whether they've died...physically.
Or died in their mind.  
I value having you in my life.  You may be across the Country,
but you are close to my heart. 

I love you Mom!

(Oh, and P.S.  I swear I'm not bitter about how much more you spoil your dog Buddy than you ever did me! Just sayin'! )

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