Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do you need to feed your 'Faith' too?

My dog Faith has been feeling sick the past few days.  I found her hiding under the desk in my kitchen and under my bed.  Apparently that's normal for dogs to hide when they're not doing too well.

How about your Faith?

Do you find that you like to hide out when it's not doing too well?
I guess we don't naturally gravitate towards people when we're bummed.
We may not go as far as crawling under the bed...but maybe under the covers! (Hoping the feeling will pass.)

I finally coaxed her into eating her food. (Although I did have to camoflauge the healthy food with a little chicken patty and BBQ sauce mixed in!)

She did finally eat. (even though she tried to pick through the healthy food to snarf down the tasty!)

I know when I finally get some spiritual food in me, I eventually start to feel better.  I don't always recognize it as hunger.

Sometimes we get weak when we haven't been eating regularly.
(Physically AND spiritually speaking.)

Just as our insulin levels can spike high and then drop low...
our faith can do the same.

So do yourself a favor...

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