Friday, May 25, 2012

Are your emotional tires wearing thin?

My car is out of alignment, which apparently caused my tires to wear out and need to be replaced.
(Oh goody!)

And so it is with us, if we are out of alignment...
(out of balance),
we will eventually wear out.

Just like the car will pull in a certain direction...
when we are out of balance,
we may tend to pull in a certain direction automatically.

Whether we are too focused on work,
and then we naturally gravitate towards all things 'work'...
and our life continues to lean that way.
Almost has a magnetic pull that we 'think' we have no control of.

Or maybe if we're too focused on 'self',
our life begins to lean in that direction.
Our mantra becomes Me, Myself, and I.

Meanwhile other parts of our life end up getting neglected.
Whether the result is bald spots on your tires...
or worse yet, bald spots on your head from the stress of it all :-O
your car (and you) need a tune up.

Being out of alignment...whether it be your car, your spine, or your life...
has it's consequences.  It affects everything.  Try throwing your back out,
and now your neck hurts and you have a throbbing headache.  It's not
just an isolated issue, it impacts everything around it.

It's back to the old 'Symptom and Cause' thing.
The symptom was the tires wearing thin,
the cause was the car was out of alignment.

The symptom is that you are wearing thin,
the cause could be that you are out of balance.

Yea, we could ignore the cause and just keep replacing tires and
taking stress relievers to numb the feeling...
but maybe it's time to diagnose how it all began and where it stemmed from.

So schedule the appointment...with your mechanic and with yourself.
You could be headed for a crash and burn if you're not careful.

"For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace." - 1 Corinthians 14:32
(He desires that we have balance in our personal lives.)