Saturday, April 28, 2012

What happened to the time?

We've all been given the same amount each day.
No one gets to hoard it...and save it for tomorrow.
Can't stockpile it.
We're all at the starting block together.

Time is a funny thing, yet something you want to curse.
The time wasted.  Doing nothing.
Or worse, the time poorly spent.  Regret.
Those are the times you're glad, "Time flies."
Yet it won't.
It lingers.
Yet those sweet moments fast forward too quickly.
Kids grow like weeds.
They graduate.
And off they go.

It's comical that when you're young, you round up, "I'm 5 1/2!"...
but when you're old(er) round down, "'m 50...ish."
We want to speed it up in our early years,
get it all done - fast!
Become a teen, drive, graduate, move out.
Yet in our later years we want to slow down the crazy pace.
Let. It. Simmer.

Try and grip it with your hands and it slips through your fingers.
Try and stop it and it mows you down like a freight train.

That quiet, steady ticking you hear in the background?
That's YOUR time.
A reminder of life passing.
Or life being lived.

Are you living it well?

1 comment:

  1. Lori, I am living well because the Lord put you in my life. !Sorry I have been abscent from your blogs. The Lord has been teaching and leading me in the past few weeks with my boy and his heart! Love you friend.