Saturday, April 21, 2012

Show off!

Was just hanging out with my daughters in the back yard, and noticed 2 lizards.  So apparently the male does push-ups to impress the female, so he can mate with her.  (My youngest informed me of this...she's 12!!)  This is my 6th grader who also just announced to me that next year in school she has to see 'The Movie'.  You know the one. 

So back to the lizards...I googled it just to back up her story.
(Yes, of COURSE I believed her!)
'They' said (cuz you know we all care about what 'they' have to say)...
that it's a 'look at me' technique.
They do it to get their fellow lizards to turn their heads. 
They work out for the same reason the guy at the gym might,
as a display of strength.
It shows they are not to be messed with!  (Show off!)

So often we're just the same.
Flexing our muscles...
whether it be our bi-ceps,
or our talents.
We display them to insure we are 'not to be messed with.'
We're capable.
We're strong.
We can handle things.

Funny little creatures!


  1. And like our flexing, it can be their undoing. Funny, I posted a picture of a lizard I caught the other day. I explained to the kids with me, as you approach them, stop and make some up and down motions.

    It gets their attention and they don't run away as fast. The males will actually start to do the motion back.. then you have them.. suckers!!

  2. Matt, I totally picture you making your kids get down on the sidewalk doing push-ups as a little object lesson! Too funny!;)