Monday, April 23, 2012

How invisible are you?

Well if you haven't read this already...I highly urge you to "get on it!" ;O)
I've read it several times before, but today decided to do it in one sitting.
It's a quick read for you busy people (which is most of us).

And for you men out there, I wouldn't let the title scare you off.
Whether you read it to understand your other half a bit more...
or sympathize with the mom who raised you.'s worth the time.

But I suspect a lot of men feel quite invisible on any given day.
Buried in bills...
working long hours...
hibernating in their offices.

My hubby refers to himself at times as, "Couple of bucks, Dad."
How many countless times over the years has one of our 4 come up to him with puppy dog eyes, "Can I have a couple of bucks Dad?"

We, as Moms or Dads, husbands or wives...can somehow feel not much more than an ATM, a cab driver, a housekeeper.
A 'service' of some sort.
A nameless, faceless person who performs certain 'functions'.

Or as Nicole Johnson says in her book, "Mostly I'm just Mom or Honey, the butter lady or the driver.  Sometimes I'm 'Would you mind?' or 'Whenever
you get a minute...'   I also go by 'While you're up' or 'Since you're going out anyway."

As much as all of us can feel slighted and taken for granted in all that we do...Nicole states in her book, "Somewhere along the way, I managed to
make God invisible in my life, placing him in the same position my family had put me.  I didn't see what God was doing, so I treated him as if he wasn't there.  I had it in my mind that God was just supposed to answer my prayers (the butter God?) and then move out of they way and disappear.  You would think that after knowing how if feels to be invisible I would know better than to trust only what I see.  I'm pretty sure that makes me an invisible hypocrite."

Sadly true.

She compares our work to the invisible builders of the great cathedrals of Europe, many of them were nameless.  Some of them took over 100 years to build and she said, "Many builders devoted their whole lives to a work they would never see finished."

We as parents many never see our work finished. 
How our parenting has influenced our kids for the long haul. 
The decisions they make 'down the road' based on what they are learning from us 'today'.

In ending, she says, "I'm fully convinced that invisibility is love's most beautiful costume, given only to its choicest of servants when they are really serious about serving."

Her prayer:  "Make me more invisible.  Strengthen my heart to do the things that no one sees or appreciates, and to do them as unto you.  And if history never knows my name, may I have helped it know yours a little better.  Allow me to be invisible, that the world might see you."

Have you seen invisibility as a positive or a negative thing?

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