Thursday, April 12, 2012

Even grown adults need a 'Time Out'!

Not sure if you're anything like me...
but if I am to be of any use to those around me,

(AND be nice about it)...

I simply need to go off and spend time with God.

Away from the distractions.
The noise.
The noise that so often tries to drown You out.
The noise competing for my affection.
Wooing me.
Calling me to 'Pay attention!'
The immediate stuff.
The texts.
The calls.
The mounds of things on my 'To Do List'.
(Does it even qualify as just a 'list' anymore?)
It's endless.
Never made to feel on top of.
The black hole filled with responsibility.

Then. There's. You.

The peace in the center of chaos.

The calm in the storm.

The mini getaway.

That deep breath.

My much needed 'Time Out'!
(Not quite sure why small children see this as a punishment.)

My anchor.

Today, have you snuck away yet...
from the kids, from the bills,  from pinterest(oh...that hurts!)
just to realign your compass?

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