Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Are you just blah blah-ing, or really listening?

Who's the greatest listener that you know?
You know...the one who 'really' hears you.
Not just the quiet one.
The one who 'gets' you.

Oh, and not the one dying for you to finish up your sentence so they can get back to more important matters...

I have to say, it seems over my lifetime(I know, that's allotta years!)'s much easier to remember the great communicators.
The ones who don't leave out a detail...(yes, they had ketchup on their hamburger!)

Trust me, I love my fun, verbal, very expressive Type A friends...
they keep me laughing AND entertained.
(Life would be stale and boring without 'em!)

But there's something priceless about that friend who remembers your conversation from weeks ago...
and asks about it.
They heard me.
They remembered.
They inquired.

My mom's a friend like that to me.
She even asks about appointments I forgot I had.

I aim to be THAT kinda friend...
that kind of wife.
That mom.

What a perfect example we've all been given.
(despite whether we got it from our earthly mother or father)
Our heavenly Father.
The Master question asker.
He didn't just simply answer questions.
He questioned their questions.
He wanted to know them.
And He wants to know you!

Isn't it nice to be known like THAT?

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