Friday, January 27, 2012

What my sunglasses taught me today

So I put on a new pair of glasses today and...
Did things look gooooood!  Amazing, in fact.  I looked around and dull colors suddenly appeared bright.  Things that usually blend in were popping out as in 3D.  All because of a new pair of glasses.  Really?  Eyewear?  Who knew it had such power?

Not sure about you, but there are times...(days, months, years even) where we need to get a 'New set of glasses'.
Brighter outlook.
New perspective.
Perspective really is our heads. 
We tend to see things a 'certain way', and even if it isn't true, it may as well be, because we are living our life as if it is fact! 

What lens are you looking through?  Is it dark,
dreary, with fingerprint smudges all over it, therefore blocking your view?  

I know that we can go to the extreme and be an 'idealist' and as a result always end up disappointed.  People never seem to measure up.  Things never seem to go our way.
But what if we just 'chose' to see things better that normally didn't look so great.

Now of course I had to do some research (for those of you who tend to have more of a pessimistic nature ;-)
and according to a study performed by Science Daily in 2009, the more upbeat and positive people are, the more they perceive around them.

The best way for me to see things better is to be in God's Word.  There is no better word.  It shapes the way I see things, as awful as they can look at times.
The messy suddenly looks more organized.
The unbearable suddenly becomes manageable.
The impossible becomes oh so possible.

So I therefore give all of you permission to go shopping...
for a new set of glasses.


  1. I love you Lori Bonn! Let's get together! Really!

  2. Amanda, I literally just saw your comment...oops! Would love to get together...really! I swear. Not lyin'! ;o)