Friday, December 23, 2011

The giver is more blessed than the receiver

Our family has been 'priviledged' enough to have experienced difficult financial struggles due to the economic times and the nature of my husband's Business.  So we know what it means to get down to the wire and wonder how we're gonna make it through...
You've heard, "Do the math."  Well we did...and it just didn't add up.

But God.

Always loved those 2 words.  Kev's Dad said them often.  When he died, those 2 words lived on as a legacy he left behind to all of us.  He lived it.
He believed it.  I trust it. When you add God to the equation, it doesn't need to add up.  Won't always make sense.  Typically appears unreasonable.

But God. 

He is the Master Mathematician.  Usually, if you multiply '0' x any other number = 0...not with Him.  He can take your '0' and turn nothing into something, He's not limited by a math principle.

Thanks to all of you who made donations in this 2 Day quickie campaign, (about 35 of you).  I have been so blessed by your response.  (Even after the deadline some came through!)  Late last night in Walmart I hear my friend Niki yelling my name across the store from the register that she needed to talk to me.  She was having a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party and kids were bringing wrapped toys and she asked if she could have them donated to our cause.  They are being delivered tonight by my friend Lora Hill's mom...and she is taking them to a single mom who's mother helped her out 20 years ago when they couldn't afford a Christmas! Love it!  

Here's a quick recap and a thanks to all of you!