Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Normal, ordinary, everydayness

So I'm sitting here after all of the Holiday Hooplah...and things seem to be shifting back to 'Normal'...dare I say it?
Why is it we tend to cringe when we hear that dreaded word. Has the T.V. programmed us to be superstars, so that anything resembling normal represents 'boring'. (You underachievers, you! ;)

Lets consider how our Savior entered this world.  No red carpet treatment.  No room at the Inn.  No fanfare, no fuss.

My son Carter bought me a book for Christmas called, "God's Story / your story" ... and as Max Lucado says, 'It drips with normalcy.'  "The couple doesn't caravan into Bethlehem with camels, servants, purple banners, and dancers.  Mary and Joseph have no tax exemption or political connection.  They have the clout of a migrant worker and the net worth of a minimum wage earner. 

Not subjects for a PBS documentary.
Not candidates for welfare either. 
They are, well, normal.  Normal has calluses like Joseph, stretch marks like Mary.  Normal stays up late with laundry
and wakes up early for work.  Normal drives the car pool wearing a bathrobe and slippers.  Normal is Norm and Norma, not Prince and Princess.

But then comes the Christmas story -- Norm and Norma from Normal, Ohio, plodding into ho-hum Bethlehem in the middle of the night.  No one notices them.  Trumpets don't blast; bells don't sound; angels don't toss confetti.  Aren't you glad they didn't?

What if Joseph and Mary had shown up in furs with a chauffeur, bling-blinged and high-muckety-mucked?  And what if God had decked out Bethlehem like Hollywood on Oscar night?

But they didn't.

Isn't that what you indwell?  Not a holiday world.  Or a red-letter-day world.  No, you live an everyday life.  You have bills to pay, beds to make, and grass to cut.  Congratulations.  You qualify for a modern-day Christmas
story.  God enters the world through folks like you and comes on days like today."

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