Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lessons from Hope (the dog, that is)

So we have 2 dogs...Faith & Hope.  This is Hope, (and yes she has her own Facebook Page.)  I know you're thinking, "oh great, she's gonna pull out the family photo album."
Wait!  Before you delete me...glance up one more time. 
Cute, huh?  It's the best pic I could find.  Lets just say she
has 'issues'. 

 Just brought her to the vet, and underneath
all the fur on her face, she had a gaping hole! (I spared you those pictures!)  Apparently pretty common, a tooth poked through, but it was buried underneath so we didn't know.

Got me thinking of all of the people around us with wounds
buried underneath it all...buried underneath the smile on their face, the successful image, the busyness, the 'oh so together' ness.  The 'Hopes' in this world.  Wearing their masks, camouflaging their gaping wounds. 

In this 'Season of Hope', keep your eyes open for them.  Who knows, they could even be living in your own house like my little Hope!

Oh yeah, P.S.  Our Church is doing a series on Hope (not the dog, silly) Come visit the website or the Building!

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