Sunday, December 11, 2011

Be Present

As that time approaches of handing out serves as a reminder for me to 'be present'.  I love how
God refers to Himself as 'I am'.  Not 'I was' or 'I might be'.

I am right now.  Here.  In this moment.  Not regretting my past, not contemplating my scary future.  Settled here in this comfortable, cozy place called now.  Embracing the unsureties, yet not dwelling.  What could be...should be...or worst yet, what could have been?  If only...

The enemy wants to steal my today.  Kill my tomorrows.  Destroy my very life.  This is his mission (should you choose to accept it.)  Whether I'm prepared or not.  Whether I have blinders on or shield in hand, it's inevitable.  He's out to destroy us!  Getting us tangled up in our yesterdays or frazzled about our tomorrows, he has oh so subtly got our eyes shifted off of today.  This conversation.  This child.  This very moment...stolen.  Never to be retrieved again. 

Another marked up calendar page is flipped again for a nice, clean, blank, well intentioned page.  High hopes for do overs.  Second chances.  New memories built on these pages.  Will the X in each box represent a day well lived?  People loved well?  Projects accomplished?  Or does the X
signify what every handed back test reveals --  we got it wrong!  Do we get a re-take?  Thankfully, yes we do!

"His mercies are new every morning!"-Lamentations 3:23
God must have known what our tendencies would be for Him to make His mercy available new and afresh every morning.  Not once a week on Sunday.  Not just at the Annual Women's Retreat.  But daily.

Is anyone else thankful for a God who knew ahead of time that we'd need a good dose of mercy on a real regular basis?

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