Thursday, November 24, 2011

The word 'Thanksgiving' is mentioned 57 times in the Bible!

Yes...I googled it! (and that's not even including derivatives of the word or words that mean the same thing.)

 So I'm thinking God puts a high premium on giving thanks...not just on a day like today, once a year, but always.  Not just when it revolves around Turkey and the tryptophan hangover that leads you straight to the couch afterwords...but always.  Not just when all the relatives are sitting around a nicely decorated table getting along(seemingly)...but always. 

Thankful when you're irritated, tired, grumpy (I know, not you)...but for the rest of us.  Choosing to be thankful.  Why not, we choose to get up and do things we simply don't 'feel' like doing every single day.  Can we honestly say we 'FEEL' like routinely facing another day at the office, changing that dirty diaper that no doubtedly needs changing, cleaning up the 'you know what' in the backyard?

Since when did 'feelings' become the gauge of when we should do things?  When did THEY become the boss of YOU?  Aren't you tired of being bullied by them? (kinda embarrasing, huh?!) Make a choice today...everyday...
CHOOSE to be Thankful!   (P.S.  I'm thankful for all of you!  Doesn't necessarily mean I 'like' you...remember, I'm 'choosing'! ;-)